Since 1906, Duofold has been providing consumers with quality high performance products. Duofold created two-layer thermals for the U.S. Army and their extreme Cold Weather Clothing System. Varitherm Expedition weight was developed specifically for the U.S. Special Forces. And many more. Firemen, policemen and U.S. military forces around the world wear Duofold on a daily basis. Whatever challenging activity you choose and whatever the weather-Duofold has you covered. Duofold provides thermals for boys, girls, women, and men. Besides thermals, Duofold also provides undershirts, underwear, lingerie, warmwear, long or short sleeves. You will find what you are looking for at Duofold. Just to mention a couple of products. The Duofold Women's Authentic Cotton Turtleneck is soft and warm. The Duofold Mens Duo-Dri Poly/Cotton Short Sleeve Tee has high breathability. The Duofold Women's VariTEC Performance Polypropylene Thermal Pant is perfect for wearing under pants as it is a single layer jersey knit fabric.

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